I'm Ábel Lakatos, ceramic artist and porcelain designer. I'm working with various materials, create sculptural pieces, installations and functional objects. I experiment with local materials, teach courses and run the ceramics department of Octopus Studios in Budapest, Hungary.

Pieces in public collections:

Anthropocene 2023 ― Jingdedzhen International Porcelain Collection, Taoxichuan, China
Polli Porcleain Collection, 2021 ― Museum of Applied Arts, Contemporary Design Collection Budapest, Hungary
Pond, 2017 ― Kohila Collaction, Estonia
Polyunomi Porcelain Set, 2015 ― International Ceramic Studio, Kecskemét, Hungary
Polyunomi cup, 2014 ― (Honorable mention)  Drink This! Cup Show, Lorton Arts Center, WA, USA
Woodfired pieces, 2011 ― IWCAT Collectionm Tokoname, Aichi, Japan

Solo exhibitions:

2022. Homeground/Szülőföld ―International Ceramic Studio, Kecskemét (Hungary)
2019. Conglomeratum ―Garage Project Space, Budaörs (Hungary)
2011. Translucent glow ―Youth Center, Kecskemét (Hungary)
2009. PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) ―Student Gallery, Kecskemét (Hungary)
2008. PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) ―Institute of Applied Arts, Sopron (Hungary)

Group exhibitions:

2024. National Ceramic Art TriennIal ―Pécs, Zsolnay Quarter, M21 Gallery
2023. Fragments, with Sarah Berti(I) ―Ba'art Gallery, Budapest
2017. XVII. Kohila Symposium, The Tohisoo Manor Park, Kohila, Estonia
2017. II. National Ceramic Quadriennal of Pécs, Janus Pannonius Museum Hungary
2016. Art, Craft Design - exhibition of FiSE, Szombahely Gallery, Hungary
2015. HomeDesign Expo, Hungarian Design, Budapest
2014. DrinkThis! 2014 Ceramic Cup Show ―Workhouse Arts Center, Lorton Arts Foundation (USA)
Polyunomi cup wins honorable mention
2013. "Dragon Egg" kiln-sculptures designed, built and fired together with Edina Andrási for Ozora Art Camp ―Ozora Festival (Hungary)
2013. Fresh FIShEs ―Studio of Young Designers Association, Budapest
2012. Analog projection installation with Marie Donath for Forma Fest ―Sturovo (Slovakia)
2012. Not a Pot young ceramicists exhibition ―Artobject Gallery, Saint Petersburg (Russia)
2012. Layers of Reality analog installation with Marie Donath ―EAM, Oradea (Romania)
2011. Tokoname Fire Festival ―Tokoname (Japan)
2011. Projection piece and video Iistallation at Maecenas Day ―Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle), Budapest
2011. Festival director: II. SZAFT Free Animation Maker's Meeting ―Szigma, Kecskemét (Hungary)
2010. Babilon Now ―Kossuth Club, Budapest
2009. Naiv Art Festival ―Naiv Art Museum, Kecskemét (Hungary)
2009. Degree show ―Design Terminal, Sopron (Hungary)
2009. Interactive installation and live VJ set for Worldmusic Gathering ―Kecskemét (Hungary)
2009. Video installation and live VJ set for Fringe Festival ―Kecskemét (Hungary)
2009. Drawing Department, video installation and vj set (Tévesítő Vetítés) ―Szeged (Hungary)
2008. Borsodi Art Festival ―Dubicsány ((Hungary)
2008. 5th Enter Festival, live VJ set Lucky Lux Visual―Méhkas Aula, Székesfehérvár (Hungary)
2007. AmindenItt, four art student's group exhibition ―Ernst Museum, Budapest
2006. European Ceramic Contest, Student Workshop ―Bornholm (DAN)
2006. Collegium Hungaricum ―Vienna
2004. Salonne Satelite ―Milano (ITA)

Working experience:

2023 Woodfire Mastercourse at Internstional Ceramic Studio, Kecskemét, Hungary2018- founder of Workshop Collective (KözMű - Közös Műhely), leader of the ceramics workshop
2014-2017 teacher and head of ceramic department at Medgyessy Ferenc Gimnázium és Művészeti Szakközépiskola Debrecen, Hungary
2010-2012 graphic designer and 3D modeller at various advertising agencies

Studies and mastercourses:
2017. invited to the 17th Kohila Woodfire Symposium, Estonia
2015. Narrative teapots and sculptures mastercourse with Richard Notkin at ICS
2014. Developing woodfire glazes mastercourse with Marcus Böhm at ICS
2013. Porcelain form A to Z mastercourse with Ilona Romule in the ICS, Kecskemét.
2013. freelancer, comissional work
2012. Graphic designer at Innovative Solutions, Budapest
2011-12. Making molds, plasterwork, photos and videos for others.
2011. “Freedom on the Wheel" workshop with Gareth Mason at the ICS
2011. IWCAT woodfireing workshop ―Tokoname-chi (Japan)
2011. "Smokeless kiln" building workshop with Masakazu Kusakabe
2010-11. International Ceramic Studio, Kecskemét (Hungary)
2009. MA silica designer artist degree at the Institute of Applied Arts University of West Hungary
The project was made at the Herend Porcelain Manufactory (Hungary)
2006. Glasgow School of Art, Erasmus exchange student
2006. Project Development Wokrshop ―Budapest University of Technology
2005. Ice Age, design student workshop, organiser and participant ―Sopron (Hungary)
2005. "House of the people" fire sculpture workshop with Nina Hole ―Kecskemét (Hungary)


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